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Jack in the Box Franchise Opportunities for Multi-Unit Investors

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Reasons to Invest in Tampa Burger Franchise Opportunities

Centralized Location

Strategically located between Sarasota, Gainesville, and Orlando.

Economic Drivers

Economy driven by finance, professional services, and health care.

Growth & Development

City has room for growth in emerging and existing markets.

24-Hour Workforce

Solid workforce within manufacturing, industrial, and logistics fields.


Market fits the preferred Jack in the Box demographic profile.

Real Estate

Availability of prime real estate throughout the state.


2021 Population


Median Household Income


Potential Tampa Locations


Why Jack in the Box in Tampa?


24/7 Innovative Menu

At Jack in the Box, we understand people have cravings throughout the day. Do you want breakfast for dinner? Do it. Are you craving our mouthwatering burgers and shakes at 8am? Who's stopping you? We offer every menu item all-day, every day. Your customers will thank you.

Jack in the Box Menu Innovation

+70 Years of Awesome

Since 1951, we've grown to be one of the nation's largest burger franchises with more than 2,100 restaurants in 21 states. We brought the drive-through to life by pioneering two-way intercom system still used QSR franchises today. In 2021, we relaunched our franchise program to allow new franchisees to join the Jack in the Box system. We're looking for new franchisees to grow our footprint and bring our craveable menu to new markets like yours across the country.

old-time jack in the box

Flexible Restaurant Designs

At Jack in the Box, we've seen the popularity of drive-throughs and mobile ordering skyrocket. Our new 1,350 sqft prototype was designed with that in mind. With dual drive-throughs for higher volume and a walk-up window for mobile orders, you'll be prepared for today's consumer!

Jack Building Outline

We're Here to Support You

Whether this is your first jump in franchising or we're an addition to your existing multi-unit restaurant portfolio, Jack in the Box has support tailored to your needs.

  • Real Estate & Site Selection

  • Construction & Design

  • Market Analytics

  • Restaurant Operations

  • Mobile App with Ordering

  • Traditional & Digital Marketing

After 70+ years in the burger franchise space, you can rest assured we have all the systems you need to succeed.

3 Reasons to Diversify Your Investment Portfolio with Jack in the Box
How Much Does a Jack in the Box Franchise Cost Fries
Frequently Asked Questions Jack in the Box

Investment Costs, Fees & Incentives

Due to the cost of opening a restaurant with Jack in the Box, we have three minimum financial requirements all potential franchisees must meet.

  • Minimum Liquidity: $500,000

  • Minimum Net Worth: $1.0MM

  • Franchise Fee: $50k per Location

If you’re unable to meet these requirements, there are many potential sources of liquidity that may be overlooked. For example:

  • Business Partners

  • Local Banks & Credit Unions

  • Stocks & Bonds

  • Home Equity

  • 401k Rollovers

These are just a few of the options you may like to consider in order to meet our financial requirements.

The estimated initial investment for a Jack in the Box Franchise is $1,765,500 - $2,761,600 excluding land, financing, and certain other costs. We provide a breakdown of this number in our Item 7 found in our Franchise Disclosure Document.

We offer an incentive to qualified developers. Under our current Development Incentive Program, if you sign a Development Agreement for a minimum of three (3) restaurants to be developed and opened under the development schedule during the time frames specified in the Development Agreement, and certain other requirements are met, you may be eligible for one the following incentive options, at our sole discretion:

OPTION A: The Royalty (which is currently 5% of Gross Sales) will be reduced to: (i) 1% of Gross Sales for the first year; (ii) 2% of Gross Sales for the second year; (iii) 3% of Gross Sales for the third year; (iv) 4% of Gross Sales for the fourth year; and (v) 5% of Gross Sales for all subsequent years.

OPTION B: If you open the Restaurant on or before the required date in the development schedule, we will loan you $150,000 at 0% interest to be used solely for development costs associated with that restaurant. The loan will be repaid by crediting 100% of the royalty payments for that restaurant otherwise due until the loan is paid in full (i.e., payments will be made by crediting the appropriate portion of royalty payments toward the principal balance outstanding). If the particular restaurant is sold or permanently closed and the and the loan has not been fully repaid, the remaining principal balance is due in full.

If you close a restaurant and then open a replacement restaurant, it will not be eligible for these incentives. The Company may discontinue or modify this Development Incentive Program at any time.


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