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What Makes Franchising with Jack in the Box a Great Addition to Your Hotel Portfolio?

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Over 70+ Years of Awesome!

Jack in the Box Inc. is one of the nation’s largest hamburger chains with more than 2,100 restaurants in 21 states. Founded in 1951, we’ve developed a loyal customer base and a strong reputation. Our metro/urban burger franchise specializes in thinking “outside the box” when it comes to fast food. We don’t just offer burgers; we also offer tacos, egg rolls, milkshakes, chicken sandwiches, breakfast, and much more. We’ve always got our eye on consumer trends to keep our menu in high demand!

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Reasons to Invest

At Jack in the Box, we’ve noticed there’s a wide range of reasons hotel owners decide to invest in our restaurants. Below, you'll find a few of the most common reasons to own a Jack in the Box Franchise.


Menu Innovation

Get anything on our diverse 24/7 menu at any time - day or night.

Drive-Thru Convenience

Roughly 90% of our 500M annual guests choose drive-thru or take-out.

All Five Dayparts

Our menu offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and late-night.

Prime Markets Available

Access to 3,750 potential locations in new and existing U.S. markets.

Digital Guest Experience

Build a following with our online ordering and customer loyalty app.

Multi-Unit Foundation

At Jack in the Box, our average franchisee owns more than 15 locations.

Why Choose a Jack in the Box Franchise Over Going Solo?

Franchising provides many key advantages and resources to those looking to start their own business. Those advantages can include:

1) Starting with brand recognition

2) Operations support and training

3) Marketing support through store, local and national marketing campaigns

4) Cost savings through group buying programs

5) Assistance in finding lenders

6) Real estate and construction support

7) Existing franchisees to network with and share ideas to grow your business

The reoccurring theme with Jack in the Box franchising is support. From the time you sign your franchise agreement forward, our team is here to support your business. When you chose to go it alone, you miss out on the support a brand like Jack in the Box provides. Plus, we're a fun group of people to work with!



Our Menu Offers All Five Day-Parts

Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner - Late Night - Snacks

Where many brands only deliver on two or three day-parts, Jack in the Box is known for our five day-part menu. Plus, most of our stores operate in a 24/7 format which allows them to satisfy the needs of hungry customers whenever they're ready to eat!

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All Day - Every Day Menu

Here at Jack in the Box, we understand that people have cravings throughout the day. Do you want breakfast for dinner? Do it. Are you craving our mouthwatering burgers and shakes at 8am? Who's stopping you? We offer every menu item all-day every day. Your customers will thank you.

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Prime Real Estate Availability

Here at Jack in the Box, one of the most attractive components to multi-unit franchisees is our availability of prime markets across the country. Currently, we operate in 21 states with major concentrations in California and Texas which leaves a large portion of the country open to new growth. This gives multi-unit operators many choices when it comes to where they want to grow.

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Jack in the Box Prototype

Whether you're looking to add a Jack in the Box on an adjacent parcel to your hotel or on property - our latest prototype is designed to maximize efficiency, lower build-out costs, and streamline operations so you can provide our craveable 24/7 menu to your guests and local community.

Dual Drive-Thru

Prioritizing speed and convenience with a dual Y-lane drive-thru.

Pick-Up Window

Streamlined operations with our walk-up pay & pick-up window.

Exclusive Parking

Reserved parking for mobile and third-party delivery orders.

No Interior Seating

Removing the dining room lowers building costs & reduces our footprint.

Distinctive Designs

Designed to make our iconic brand stand out in the community.

Modular Prototype

A building designed with modularity and multiple venue types in mind.


Financial Requirements

At Jack in the Box, we have three minimum financial requirements all of our franchisees must meet.


Franchise Fee


Minimum Net Worth


Minimum Liquidity


Jack in the Box by the Numbers


Years Jack in the Box has Been in Business


Number of Jack in the Box Locations


Average Number of Locations per Franchisee


Number of States Jack in the Box Has Operational Stores

It All Begins with Your First Store....

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Jack in the Box is our amazing franchisees. Many of our franchisees have owned their franchises for multiple generations and we are now seeing 2nd and 3rd generation franchisees become operators themselves. Another testament to this is that our average franchisee owns 15 restaurants! Check out this video to see what our franchisees have to say about Jack in the Box.



Ready to Get Started?

Does Jack in the Box sound like a good fit? Awesome! The first step is an introduction call to learn about your franchising goals. To get started, complete this form and we'll send a link to schedule a call at a time that works best for you.

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