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5 Reasons to Buy a Jack in the Box Franchise

5 Reasons to Buy a Jack in the Box Franchise
5 Reasons to Buy a Jack in the Box Franchise

Are you interested in learning the most popular reasons to purchase a Jack in the Box franchise?

At Jack in the Box, we’ve noticed there’s a wide range of reasons our franchisees decide to invest in our restaurants.

In this article, we’ll take a look at five reasons you should purchase a Jack in the Box franchise.

1) Menu Variety & Innovation

Jack in the Box offers a large and distinctive 24/7 menu with five dayparts to our customers. This means you can get anything on our menu at any time – day or night.

While many brands offer only two or three dayparts with limited hours, we understand people have a wide variety of cravings throughout the day.

Jack in the Box Dayparts:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Late Night
  • Snack

Plus, our menu offers much more than the delicious burgers and fries we’re known for. Our tacos, chicken sandwiches, egg rolls, fajitas, salads, and old-fashioned shakes are quickly developing a cult following of their own.

Being able to offer your customers any menu item at any time of day is a competitive advantage that’s hard to find in the franchising industry.

2) Prime Real Estate Availability

Another reason to consider franchising with Jack in the Box is the wide variety of prime markets we have available in the United States.

This presents you with a great opportunity to grow and scale franchise operations in some of the largest and most exciting markets in America.

When you look at our map of available markets, you’ll see most of the cities and states outside of California, Texas, and Utah are open for new market growth.

Being able to develop multiple franchise locations in markets with this much potential is rare in the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry. It would be hard to do this with many legacy multi-unit franchises.

3) Average Unit Volume

When considering any franchise investment, it’s important to understand how much you can make from each individual location.

You can figure this out by talking to current and former franchisees. Or you can take a look at the franchise disclosure document provided by the brand you’re interested in.

The average unit volume (AUV) of Jack in the Box is $1.9MM as outlined in Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document.

The gross sales for each restaurant will depend on a wide range of factors. However, the AUV from Item 19 gives you an idea of what to expect.

4) Training & Support

Jack in the Box is with you every step of the way to help you find a location and grow your franchising business.

To begin, our team will give you a comprehensive market analysis with our real estate software. This will give you an overview of where our current locations are, along with potential sites for new construction.

During the construction process, we provide an entire construction team with a dedicated regional construction manager that will be with you while your location is being built.

Plus, we will provide you with a list of preferred contractors in the area who are already familiar with building Jack in the Box restaurants.

Prior to opening, each franchisee or their designated market operator (DMO) will take part in our comprehensive training program where you’ll learn:

  • Workstation Training
  • Food Safety
  • Equipment & Troubleshooting
  • Communication, Coaching, Giving Feedback
  • Leading Your Team
  • Restaurant Ordering
  • Timekeeping
  • And Much More

By the time this computer-based and on-the-job training is complete, you or your DMO should feel confident running the operations of your new restaurant.

We also offer custom marketing plans, social media management, local marketing initiatives, television ads, and an interactive marketing website to get the word out about your locations.

If you ever need to reach out for help, all our franchisees have access to our 24/7 help desk along with your dedicated Field Business Consultant.

5) Franchise Incentives

To promote growth in key markets throughout the United States, Jack in the Box offers an incentive to multi-unit franchisees interested in developing three or more stores.

We currently offer two different incentive options for multi-unit franchisees. The first includes a reduction in royalties for the first few years of gross sales.

Our second option gives you access to a $150,000 loan at 0% interest to be used solely for development costs associated with your restaurant.

Please note, multi-unit franchise incentives are granted at the sole discretion of Jack in the Box once certain other requirements are met.

Jack in the Box also participates in the International Franchise Association’s Veterans Transition Franchise Initiative (“VetFran”) to provide franchise opportunities to qualifying veterans.

Under the Veterans Program, we reduce the Initial Franchise Fee for the first new Restaurant by 25% or $12,500. Accordingly, the Initial Franchise Fee paid to us is $37,500.

Check Out These Additional Resources

We hope this article gave you a better understanding of the many reasons to purchase a Jack in the Box franchise.

At Jack in the Box, we work with our franchisees every step of the way to get their restaurants up and running.

Here are some additional online resources you may like to check out:

If you have any questions, please contact our franchise sales and support team.

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