Invest in a Brand That Prioritizes Food Safety & Quality Standards

If you’re looking for a franchise opportunity, you probably already understand the importance of factors like brand recognition and training and support. However, many people don’t consider the significance of a proper creditable food safety program. Food safety is one of our priorities at Jack in the Box. With over 2,200 locations open, we serve tens of thousands of people every day, so it’s critical that we store and prepare our food safely. It’s just one of the many reasons we’re a leader in the quick-service restaurant industry.

Jack in the Box is widely acknowledged as the industry leader in food safety. Our farm-to-fork food-safety program earns praise from consumer groups and government agencies, including the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Food and Drug Administration, and the California Department of Health Services.

Managing Supply Chain to Counter.

Since our food products are supplied by outside vendors, the program begins with our suppliers, who must maintain Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) systems within their facilities to ensure proper cleanliness and food-safety procedures. We also work closely with state and local regulatory officials to ensure our restaurants meet or exceed all health and food-safety requirements. In addition to our management training programs and our food quality and safety system, Jack in the Box uses ServSafe®, a nationally recognized food-safety training and certification program administered in partnership with the National Restaurant Association.

Product quality is closely monitored and scrutinized by laboratory teams and product managers to guarantee quality excellence along the entire supply chain. This farm-to-fork food-safety system achieved industry recognition in 2004 when the International Association for Food Protection presented Jack in the Box, Inc. with the industry’s highest food-safety honor, the prestigious Black Pearl Award.

Managing Supply Chain To Counter.

70%+ of Jack's Sales Are
Traditionally Drive-Thru.

Many Jack in the Box restaurants thrived during the COVID-19 pandemic, even while other businesses struggled. One reason for that is that our restaurants already had drive-thru systems in place pre-COVID, so many of our customers didn’t need to change the way they ordered at all.

Restaurant Business Online reports: “For instance, like many fast-food chains, most of Jack’s pre-coronavirus sales came through the drive-thru: About 70% of Jack in the Box’s sales traditionally come through that window, Comma said. Another 15% of its sales are takeout.”

Of course, the quality of our food has been a strong driver in itself. Our tiny tacos are a favorite among many customers and have kept customers coming through our doors for years. Because we offer a varied menu, we pull in a notably broad customer base.


Is the Jack in the Box Menu All Day?

One valuable form of brand protection we have to offer is our all-day menu. While we provide menus geared towards a specific time of day (like our breakfast selection and late-night Munchie Meals), customers can order anything they’d like at any time of day. These kinds of options continue to set Jack in the Box apart from other minute burger franchises that offer customers far less flexibility and selection.

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