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Be the Curly Fry

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Are You Our Ideal Fast Food Franchise Partner?

Jack in the Box has numerous restaurant franchise opportunities designed to help investors get new restaurants up and running. See what we look for in our franchise operators below to learn more.

Jack in the Box burger

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Our Fast-Casual Franchise Investment and What You Get Back

If you’re looking to invest in a profitable burger franchise, look no further. For over 70 years, Jack in the Box has been a leader in the...

Interior of Jack in the Box store

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4 Reasons to Consider Our Multi-Unit QSR Restaurant Franchise Investment

Opening multiple QSR restaurant franchises is a beneficial way to maximize returns on your investment. There’s a huge demand for our menu, so there’s...


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Investing in Mutual Success: Innovation, On-the-Job Training & Support

If you’re thinking of opening a restaurant franchise, choose a brand that’s ready to invest as much in you as you are in them. At Jack in the Box, we...

Storefront of Jack in the Box

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5 Advantages of Partnering with a Bigger, Better Burger Concept

Jack in the Box is one of the largest and best hamburger franchises in the United States, with over 2,100 locations nationwide. We know you have your...

Jack in the Box burgers and drinks

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Marketing Your Jack in the Box Franchise

Jack in the Box is one of the largest burger chains in the United States, with thousands of locations and decades of experience under our belt. When...

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The Fast-Casual and QSR Franchise Industry in 2021

If you’re looking for the right franchise development opportunity, the QSR (quick-service restaurant) industry is a great place to start. QSR...

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Location, Location, Location: Finding the Ideal Spot for Your Burger Franchise

The Jack in the Box franchise model has proven to work well in a wide range of locations: urban, suburban, and even somewhat rural. We have a number...

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Own a Jack in the Box Franchise: Learn About Our Brand, Culture, and Fun-Loving Values

Jack in the Box is the best franchise concept in the quick-service restaurant (QSR) category. It is not just because we’re on the cutting-edge of...

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How to Open a Jack in the Box Franchise

Wondering how to open a Jack in the Box franchise? We’ve consolidated the process of approving new franchisees and helping them get their doors open....


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5 Key Differentiators That Make Jack in the Box a Top 5 Burger Franchise

Now is a great time to own a fast food restaurant. It’s estimated that the industry will be worth $931 billion by 2027, and will grow at a rapid 4.6%...


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Breaking Down the Basics of Starting a Fast-Casual Franchise with Jack in the Box

Now is a great time to start a fast-casual franchise of your own, and Jack in the Box is the perfect franchisor to help you get started. Our...