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Total Estimated Cost for Prototypical MK9 or MK10-style Restaurant.
(Excluding land, financing and certain other costs)




Our ideal candidate is interested in starting a restaurant or chain of restaurants that serves their community. The average Jack in the Box franchisee owns 15 restaurants; and stays with us for many years. Join the Jack in the Box family today!


  • We estimate the investment in a Jack in the Box franchise will cost between $1,651,500- $2,638,600. These figures include virtually everything it takes to start a new restaurant, including:
    • • One-time initial franchise fee, up to $50K
    • • Building improvements, up to $785K
    • • Initial inventory, up to $20K
    • • Three months of operating funds
    • We work with our franchisees every step of the way as they get their new restaurants up and running and provide them with guidance, training, and support to ensure they get the most for their investment. If you’re wondering how to start a Jack in the Box, all you need to do is work through our step-by-step process.


  • Like other franchises, Jack in the Box assesses a small number of ongoing fees. The revenue we generate from these fees helps us to offer you the best ongoing support possible. Examples include:
    • • Royalty (excluding Games & Devices): 5% of gross sales
    • • Marketing: 5% of gross sales
    • Ask us about the many incentives and perks you can look forward to when you choose our brand!


    That depends on lots of variables, like the type and where it’s located. That being said, our Franchise Disclosure Document includes an Item 19, which provides real examples of franchisee performance. Contact us and request a copy, and we’ll help break down how many franchises have historically performed.

To-Go Orders with Our Mobile App And Delivery Services with Our Partnerships

We’ve been partnering with third-party delivery services for years, and it’s given our business model an incredible boost. While many of our competitors just discovered the benefits of these partnerships during the COVID-19 pandemic, Jack in the Box is ahead of the game.

Staying ahead of technology is important to Jack as our key demographics love the convenience we offer.  Improving their experience with loyalty rewards and the entertainment that comes with Jack in the Box.

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Average Unit Volume

*The term “Gross Sales” means all revenue from the sale of all products and services, including delivery and catering services, as well as from vending machines and similar sources of revenue, and all other income of every kind and nature related to the Restaurant, including proceeds from stored value gift cards and gift certificates when redeemed but not when purchased, business interruption insurance, and revenue from off-site events, whether for cash or credit and, in the case of credit, regardless of collection. Certain amounts are excluded from Gross Sales.

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We are expanding our target Markets

Due to high demand Jack is expanding open markets for development.  If you are interested in learning more about our franchise opportunities, Contact Us.

 – Open Markets Page

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