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5 Key Differentiators That Make Jack in the Box a Top 5 Burger Franchise


Now is a great time to own a fast food restaurant. It’s estimated that the industry will be worth $931 billion by 2027, and will grow at a rapid 4.6% per year until then. There’s no question that the demand for convenient, fast food is at an all-time high, but which brand can help you make the most of the trend? Jack in the Box is a top 5 burger franchise because our system capitalizes on consumer trends as well as technology, making our franchises destinations for great food and unrivaled convenience. Learn about a few of our competitive advantages as we help you understand “Why Jack in the Box” is the right choice. 

1. We Live on the Cutting Edge

Since we first opened our doors in 1951, we’ve been pioneers in the fast food world. We’ve been the first brand to do many things, such as:

  • First major hamburger chain to develop and expand concept of drive-thru dining
  • First breakfast sandwich (1969)
  • First portable salad (1982)
  • First QSR chain to integrate video graphics in order-confirmation displays (1997)
  • First self-serve kiosks (2006)
  • First 100% Sirloin Burger (2007)

As a Jack in the Box franchisee, you can count on our team to continue to innovate, developing new technologies and menu items that will set your restaurant apart from the competition. 

2. We Don’t Discriminate Among Cravings

Jack in the Box stands out in the industry because we’ve always offered more than the standard burgers and fries. Our tacos have their cult following of their own, and items like the Sourdough Jack, teriyaki bowls, and fajita pitas stand out from what other top 5 burger franchises have to offer. No matter what our customers are craving, they can find something on our menu to love. 

3. A Leader in Drive-Thru Technology

As we mentioned above, we were the first major burger chain to introduce the drive-thru concept. Since then, we haven’t stopped improving the system, and our drive-thrus are known for being some of the most efficient around. When you own a fast food restaurant with Jack in the Box, you can count on us to continue leading the way, ensuring that your drive-thru is the most convenient in your area. 

4. We Value Our Operators

Although Jack in the Box has thousands of locations throughout the U.S., we’re a relatively small franchise family. We work with around 115 operators who average 23 years in the system with 15 restaurants each. Our franchisees stick around for so long, and go on to open multiple locations because we’ve developed a streamlined system that comes with plenty of built-in support. When you contact us, we’ll show you why they’re so loyal to our brand. 

5. A Highly-Regarded Brand Name

With 70+ years in business, we’ve served countless customers and have built up strong brand recognition. Our customers are loyal to Jack in the Box, and newcomers are discovering our restaurants every day. Few fast food chains can compete with the reputation we’ve built in the industry.

Get in touch today to learn more about the many competitive advantages Jack in the Box has to offer. 

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