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Breaking Down the Basics of Starting a Fast-Casual Franchise with Jack in the Box


Now is a great time to start a fast-casual franchise of your own, and Jack in the Box is the perfect franchisor to help you get started. Our franchise opportunity is ideal for anyone with quick-service restaurant experience who is ready to take the next step by opening their own business. It’s also an excellent opportunity for investors who partner with experienced operators. Here, get the basics on owning a fast food restaurant with Jack in the Box.

The Requirements

Jack in the Box franchisees are diverse and have lots of different reasons for choosing our franchise. In general, we’re flexible about who we work with, but there are a few criteria we look for:

  • QSR experience or a business partner with that experience
  • Readiness to make the investment
  • Dedicated to mastering the Jack in the Box system

If you’re prepared and serious about opening one or more fast-casual franchises, our team is ready to help you make the leap.

The Competitive Advantages of Our Burger Franchise

When you choose a burger franchise, you’ll want to ensure that it’s ready to compete with other fast food restaurants in your area. Jack in the Box enjoys many competitive advantages in this regard. Our expansive menu includes items other chains don’t offer, like tacos and burgers on toasted sourdough bread. 

Another reason to choose Jack in the Box is our long history of innovation, staying on the cutting-edge of technology. We were the first major fast food chain to implement a drive-thru system back in 1951, and since then, we’ve remained leaders in the field. As more and more people choose drive-thru, you can count on Jack in the Box to keep your restaurant ahead of the competition.

Drive-thru is just one of the many Jack in the Box firsts. We also were the first to roll out self-serve kiosks in 2006, the first to offer portable salads in 1982, and the first to integrate video graphics in order-confirmation displays in 1997.

Furthermore, we’ve built marketing into our franchise opportunity, ensuring that the people in your community know about specials and other limited-time offers. These are just a few of the countless ways Jack in the Box works to keep customers coming through our franchisees’ doors. 

Starting Your Jack in the Box Restaurants

Once you’ve decided on Jack in the Box, the process towards opening your doors is relatively straightforward. A few important stages include:

  • Approving you as a Jack in the Box franchisee
  • Teaching you how to use our systems and resources
  • Finding the perfect location(s) in your area
  • Building them out into fully-functional restaurants
  • Your grand opening
  • Achieving your growth goals

One of the best parts about choosing Jack in the Box is that you can count on us to be there for you as you grow your restaurant. We’re dedicated to helping our franchisees achieve a strong ROI, and we provide them with many valuable support resources to help them reach their targets.

These are just a few essential things to know about franchising with Jack in the Box. Contact us today to learn more about what it takes to get started.

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