Jack is Back and Sees Great Opportunities In These
Louisiana Markets

Louisiana has a wide range of cities that offer the key demographics Jack in the Box is looking for.  Our real-estate and development teams have been reviewing areas of opportunity and high demand.

  • Alexandria Metro Area
  • Baton Rouge Metro Area
  • Hammond Metro Area
  • Houma-Thibodaux Metro Area
  • Lafayette Metro Area
  • Lake Charles Metro Area
  • Monroe Metro Area
  • New Orleans - Metairie Metro Area
  • Shreveport - Bossier City Metro Area

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You Know What Louisiana Needs?
More Jack in the Box Deliciousness.

By all indications, now is a great time to expand our QSR franchise in Louisiana. With over 2,200 locations across the U.S., our well-established franchise is currently seeking well-qualified QSR investors.

Jack is on the move and coming to new expanded markets due to increased demand.  2021 is a year about change and growth, but thats nothing new for Jack.  We prefer to be trailblazers not boring or dull.  And nobody puts Jack in a corner.


Franchise a Jack in the Box in Louisiana
Ogden Clearfield Metro Area

Alexandria Metropolitan Area

Located in central Louisiana, Alexandria is physically at the heart of the state. Recent riverway projects have reinforced this geographic positioning with the expansion of the Port of Alexandria.  Travelers by car, boat, and foot can find our iconic brand and know the quality and service they have come to expect.  See how our brand advertises in your local area by speaking to a franchise development representative today.

Kankakee Metropolitan Area

Baton Rouge Metropolitan Area

Louisiana’s capital city delivers a thriving metropolitan area that checks many of Jack’s boxes for suitability.  From lawmakers to college campuses and a strong economic history – Baton Rouge is full of people on the go that want an awesome meal fast.

What's Better than One Drive-Thru? Two.

You could double your service, and double your revenue.  Our newest prototype supports increased traffic while offering improved efficiencies.


Our drive-thru and pick-up orders have increased.  So if you are  considering a high traffic area, our dual drive-thru is the perfect no-contact solution.

Burger with lettuce and tomato

Lafayette Metropolitan Area

Lafayette is the 5th largest city in Louisiana.  Lafayette is known as the “Hub City” due to its central location for oil and gas shipping. Great college towns with historical museums, recreation, and growing families. Speak to a member of our franchise development team if you think Jack would be a great fit.


Lake Charles Metropolitan Area

One thing that makes Jack in the Box stand out against the competition is our focus on fresh, quality ingredients.  The other would be our menu loaded with burgers, munchies, snacks, shakes and desserts.  And awesomness, don’t forget the awesomeness.  If you live in the Lake Charles area and would love to learn more about this exciting opportunity, complete the form and a member of our team will be in touch.

Jack in the Box meal-1

Monroe Metropolitan Area

A smaller city in the northern Louisiana border with Mississippi.  The average age is approximately 35 which fits into the Jack in the Box demographic.  A college town with a thriving business district, Monroe offers a great opportunity for Jack in the Box to grow.


New Orleans – Metairie Metropolitan Area

Why New Orleans? They have amazing nightlife! What do you need in a city with great nightlife?  A 24-hour delicious beacon in the night.  See how Jack has been the choice for late-night munchies and breakfast served all day.  Interested in developing in the New Orleans area?  Call us today to review open opportunities.


Shreveport – Bossier City Metropolitan Area

A major port city that runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Shreveport is truly a city that never sleeps as the center of transportation for shipping and trucking.  See how Jack in the Box would make a great fit with our flexible real-estate and prototype options.  Perfect for a city on the go, and constantly growing.

Jack in the Box is Looking for Operators with QSR Experience


If you have experience in multi-unit investing or working knowledge of what it takes to run a fast-food business, we would like to speak to you. We are growing, and now is a great opportunity to speak to one of our franchise development members to learn more about our available markets.

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