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Jack in the Box has undergone rapid expansion in recent years, as demand for our brand has increased nationwide. Our steady expansion throughout the US and the world has produced systematic growth using innovative data-driven processes. With tools to analyze the prospect of new markets, our growth has been very successful.

Prototype & Business Model

Jack in the Box is a remarkably flexible franchise. We’re capable of opening new locations wherever there’s a strong demand in your community. Whether it’s a freestanding store or as part of a food court or travel center, there’s a good chance that Jack in the Box will fit right in, leveraging existing demand in the area.

Convenience Stores

You might have heard that convenience stores are eating into the fast food market, but we see this as an opportunity. Many convenience stores are partnering with brands like Jack in the Box to offer customers the quality food they want with the convenience they crave – and no quick-service brand is more convenient than Jack in the Box.

Travel Centers

Many of our customers love to enjoy Jack in the Box while on the road. Opening as part of, or near to, a travel center allows us to reach local customers and travelers looking for a great meal without slowing down.

Choosing Your Franchise Location

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Our hamburger franchise has set itself apart since 1951 by investing in the latest technology. We’ve been an innovator when it comes to making drive-thrus work more efficiently: and we haven’t stopped there. We understand that convenience is a driving factor as to why customers choose Jack in the Box, and we work to make ourselves more convenient using twenty-first-century technology. Our mobile app allows customers to pick up their order without the wait, and our partnerships with third-party delivery companies like GrubHub let them enjoy their meal without even leaving their homes.

Our franchisees can count on us to continue investing in technology that drives customers to their locations.

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