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Are You Our Ideal Fast Food Franchise Partner?

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Jack in the Box has numerous restaurant franchise opportunities designed to help investors get new restaurants up and running. See what we look for in our franchise operators below to learn more.

Quick-Service Restaurant Experience

At Jack in the Box, we do look for franchisees who have experience in fast food.

Have you . . .

  •   Owned another fast food franchise?
  •   Managed a fast food restaurant?
  •   Worked as a district manager for a fast food company?

Experience like this goes a long way for our franchisees. We've found that prior industry experience makes it easier for you to master the Jack in the Box system and increases the likelihood that you'll meet your growth goals right on schedule.

If you’re an existing multi-unit franchisee with another brand, we can walk you through the process of adding Jack in the Box to your portfolio, step-by-step. If your bottom line just isn’t strong enough, or if you’re spending too much on fees and royalties, you’ll be impressed with what Jack in the Box has to offer.

Don’t have fast food experience? Consider partnering with someone who does. Contact us for more information on investing with a business partner.

The Capital and Credit to Open a Fast Food Franchise

Opening a new Jack in the Box franchise will likely cost between $1,697,000 - $2,694,600. This range includes virtually everything you’ll need to get started, from real estate to uniforms. We’re looking for franchisees with enough liquid capital to manage most of this initial investment on their own. Of course, franchisees are free to seek third-party financing to help manage part of the investment, so having good credit is another quality we look for.

Ready to Put in the Work

Make no mistake, Jack in the Box has proven systems in place to help new franchisees through every step in the opening process. We take franchisee support seriously and want to streamline things as much as possible. That said, opening any new business takes work and capital. Our franchisees should be ready to learn our processes inside and out, invest their time ensuring their restaurant is running smoothly, and take the initiative to go above and beyond whenever necessary.

That said, you're free to delegate many tasks to your trusted staff and create a routine that works for you.

Does any of this sound like you? You could be a great fit for our restaurant franchise opportunities. Contact us today to learn more.

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