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5 Advantages of Partnering with a Bigger, Better Burger Concept

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Jack in the Box is one of the largest and best hamburger franchises in the U.S., with over 2,000 locations nationwide. We know you have your choice of franchisors but let us share with you some advantages of partnering with a burger franchise like Jack in the Box over the others.

#1. Nationwide Advertising

While our franchisees are expected to invest in local marketing, they can also count on us to invest in national marketing initiatives. We've been creating unforgettable campaigns as far back as 1951 and have established unbeatable brand recognition. As a franchisee, you’ll benefit from that familiarity and customer base as you grow your market.

#2. An Industry-Leading Culinary Team

We didn’t become one of the best hamburger franchises by resting on our laurels and serving up the same old thing year after year. We work with a team of industry-leading experts who research up-and-coming food trends and find ways to bring them to our restaurants. We were the first fast food chain to offer a 100% sirloin burger, breakfast sandwiches, and portable salads. Customers love that they can always find something new and exciting on our menu, which keeps them coming back again and again.

#3. Unique Menu

Jack in the Box is one of the better burger concepts because of our unique, craveable menu with different meal options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late-night. We work with industry-leading culinary experts who follow food trends to create menu items that can’t be found anywhere else, and that tap into up-to-the-minute consumer demands. From our Loaded Tiny Tacos to late-night Munchie Meals, customers love that they’re always able to find something new and different on the menu.

#4. Streamlined Processes

Time is money, especially in fast food. Teams need to operate at peak efficiency to get orders completed quickly. We’ve streamlined our processes so that each team member uses their time productively, leading to greater customer satisfaction. We’ve also simplified operational tasks, like inventorying and ordering, to be as straightforward as possible for operators and their teams. Most recently, we’ve come up with a new store design that utilizes dual drive-thrus and hosts an integrated pick-up window for todays mobile ordering customer. We’re constantly innovating to help our franchisees perform better in a rapidly evolving technological world.

#5. The Power of Technology

Jack in the Box first built our reputation as one of the best hamburger franchises in the U.S. because of our drive-thru – we were the first big chain to have one. We've continued innovating in the drive-thru space and have one of the fastest and most accurate systems around. Along these lines, we also partner with third-party delivery services like DoorDash, so customers don't need to leave home to enjoy our food.

Franchisees can rely on us to continue using technology to our advantage to streamline their services and bring in more customers every day.

These are just a few great reasons to choose a leading burger franchise like Jack in the Box. Contact us to learn more about what it takes to become a franchisee.

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